Frequently Asked Questions


1.Does Events de Luxe have Certified Wedding Planners?

-Yes. We are certified Wedding Planners. Because Houston has such a wonderful and wide variety of cultures and nationalities, we searched for an international certification so we would be familiar not only with American customs and traditions but with those from around the world. In addition we encourage our team of preferred vendors to obtain certifications if available. Please ask us more about our certified vendors during your consultation.


2.How long have we been in the business?

-We have been in various parts of the industry for over 40 years combined.


3.How would we rate our problem solving and communication skills?

-10 out of 10! 


4.Are clients required to book only the vendors we recommend or do they have the freedom to hire someone even if we haven’t worked with them before?

-Our clients have the freedom to hire any vendor they choose, however we are not able to provide guarantees on their quality of service or reliability.


5.Will the client have to pay Events de Luxe or will they pay the vendor directly for all services?

-Most vendors will be paid directly. In the case that our client chooses to use one of the vendors that we have ownership of, the client will pay us directly.


6.If issues arise with the vendors before, during or after the event, will Events de Luxe handle them or will the client be responsible for handling these issues?

-Our goal is to make your event planning experience a stress and worry free luxury experience. We will handle all issues within our power in order to ensure you enjoy the time leading up to, during and after your special event.


7.What kind of planning does Events de Luxe offer? Logistical only (i.e. organizational-handling things like the timeline and floor plan) or Design and Logistical (i.e. Bringing a client’s vision to life as well as taking care of all the organizational aspects of the wedding)?

-We are a full service Event Styling, Design and Coordination company. We do it all! If limited services are needed we will design custom packages to accommodate your needs.


8.Will Events de Luxe handle all parts of the planning or can the client handle some parts on their own?

-Each client can decide the level of involvement they would like Events de Luxe to have during the planning process. We aim to please! This is one of the topics discussed during your first consultation so we will have a clear view of your expectations and preferences.


9.How many assistants will be used at the event?

-The number of staff used to assist on the day of the event depends on the size of your event and the services we will be providing. During the final phase of planning we will discuss staffing needs with each client to ensure that your event is well staffed in order to provide an unforgettable event for our client and all event guests.


10.In the case of an emergency that prevents one of our certified planners from being at the event, who will be the backup planner?

-We work as a team to provide coverage in the case of emergencies. Throughout the planning process, both of us remain familiar with the details of each and every event so that we are able to seamlessly assist one another from the first phase of the planning down to the end.


11.What time will we arrive and depart on the day of the event?

-Depending on the services we are providing, we will be there as early as possible and as late as possible. Please see our packages. Due to the variety we provide from DIY/drop off, to our all-inclusive package, it is difficult to give a set time we will arrive and depart.


12.Is the Ceremony Rehearsal included in the services?

-Due to the variety of packages we offer, this detail is discussed with each client individually.


13.Once you decide on allowing us to make your dreams come true, how soon can you expect a contract to ensure that your date is reserved?

-We will send you a digital contract within 24 hours that you can sign electronically and send back immediately. We make it easy! 


14.Is there a detailed list of all the items included in the fee for each package?

-Yes. Please see our Luxe Packages tab. We include-free of charge- many luxury services that hold a high value in the event/wedding industry.


15.How much of a deposit is required to book your event? When is the final payment due?

-We require a 50% deposit to book your event. The final payment is due 1 month prior to your event.


16.Does Events de Luxe accept Credit Cards?

-Yes we do.


17.What is our refund or cancellation policy?

-Due to the large amount of time and effort we spend on personalizing each event along with any items that must be purchased long in advance, we are not able to issue refunds. However, we do not charge cancellation fees.